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Since May 2013, Bukshoppe has been a FREE online marketplace where buyers/sellers can buy/sell books directly from/to one another.

We are different from other online marketplace for books in that:

1. There is NO LISTING FEE to be paid for each book listing. List as many as you want. It is FREE.

2. There are NO COMMISSION to be paid for each book sold. Sell as many as you want.

We also verify and validate the information listed to the best of our ability, before approving a listing.

We want to continue keeping it FREE but we need your support. Show your support by sponsoring us.

why sponsor
Your sponsorship will help us grow this website to a whole new level.

We want to:

1. Scale up and be the biggest FREE online marketplace for books.

2. Market and promote this FREE online marketplace globally.

3. Add more features and functionalities.

4. Add more distribution channels such as mobile.

5. Provide support for more languages and localization.

But all these will have a cost and we will not be able to do it on our own. Your sponsorship, no matter how small it is, will go some way in helping us grow this website to a whole new level.

how to sponsor
We appreciate sponsorships in any amount. At the moment, we accept them only via Paypal or Skrill.

Please drop us a note, indicating your interest in sponsoring. and we will provide you with more details.

recognition for sponsor
We will provide recognition to you by listing your name on the Sponsor's Roll, which will be on our website. The names will be listed for as long as the website is active. In this way, you will always be remembered as our sponsor.

If you wish to sponsor anonymously, do let us know so that your name will not be listed on the Sponsor's Roll.

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